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Assalamu Alaikum, I am Md. Masudul Mahmud from Bangladesh. My nickname is Suman. Now, I'm presenting myself as a Web Developer and SEO Expert. I chose to web development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a profession. I always try to create something new, something exceptional, awesome so that everyone likes it. So I've mastered web development & SEO and have been doing this successfully.

The World Wide Web ("WWW" or simply the "Web") is a global information medium which users can read and write via computers connected to the Internet. The Web is a service that operates over the Internet. The web world is endless. Its circumference is huge like the sea. It has a huge knowledge base and an endless work reserve. A lot of freelancers work here.

In today's world, freelancing is living in a huge place. Here you can prove your skill and work independently and financially benefit. Freelancing is a wonderful world to me. Having acquired good knowledge about freelancing, I chose it professionally. I firmly committed to building a huge career in freelancing. So, I was appointed as a freelancer. I think the main theme of the web world is web Development. Web Development and SEO are nice delightful job. So web Development & SEO are more prevalent to me.

Now I am working in freelancing and local marketplaces. Mainly work on web development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).Every day I am learning new things. I think there is no end to learning and no age. In fact, web development and SEO are such a great platform that the age ends but learning will not end. It is possible that every day something new comes out. So, I'm constantly learning and trying to reach its peak.

If I'm not mistaken, I want to say, ''If you want to live in the world, then you need money. The importance of money in human life is immense. To do something in life, we must know the skilled work. I believe that, if I know efficient work, then that work will come to me. I do not have to run the job.''

Thank you for visiting my website. If you think I'm skilled at seeing my details, please feel free to hire me. Client satisfaction is a priority for me. I always try to create the highest success in every work. If I am skilled at work, the job will definitely come to me. I believe that.

Now let's come to the real words. The real thing is, why will you choose me? So the following articles are given for your kind consideration.
I am skilled in my work, confident and hardworking.
Honesty is the power of my work.
I will be friendly, polite, modest with you and I will talk to you openly. So that, you have a good relationship with me.
Client's satisfaction is more important to me.
I will accept your work when I am self-confident in this work and will be able to give you maximum satisfaction.

That's why I'm the right person you're looking for.

Experiences, I'm telling you to give me the correct instructions. Do not hesitate to advise me. Your advice is very valuable to me. Let me know how the website is. Please tell me if there is any mis-creation in my website so that I can amend it.

Personal Information


Date of Birth
Marital Status
Blood Group

: Freelancer From 2017
Business From 2008
: Bangladeshi
: Islam
: 07th October 1981
: Married
: Male
: A(+Ve)

Character :

Fresh Mind

Strength :

Able To Maintain A Program

Family :

Elder Sister
Life Partner/Wife
My Son

: Was dead in 2008
: Live with me
: Teacher
: House Wife
: Aayaat

Here I am sharing some of my favorite topics with you.

Melodious Azan

Beautiful Azan

When I hear the tunes of this Azan, I feel a strange shiver in my body. I do not know what magic is in this sound.


Before you speak, listen.
Before you write, think.
Before you spend, earn.
Before you invest, investigate.
Before you criticize, wait.
Before you pray, forgive.
Before you quit, try.
Before you retire, save.
Before you die, give.
------ William Arthur Ward

Educational Qualification

Bachelor of Arts

B.A (Honors)2003 - 2008

English Language & Literature

Rajshahi College, Rajshahi

Higher Secondary Certificate


Humanities Group

N.S Govt. College, Natore

Secondary School Certificate


Science Group

Natore Govt. Boys High School, Natore

My Working History

From 2008

I have an institution named SUMAN DOT COM. There are some parts of my institution. Cyber Cafe, Digital Studio, Computer Training & Computer related works. I have been teaching computer program (Office, Internet, Photoshop etc.) to my learners. I can also compose (Bangla & English typing), CD write, Photo editing/print, downloading/ Uploading, Internet browsing, E-mail, on-line application, on-line form fill up & all kinds of information of Internet to my customers from 2008. So I have 10 years experiences in computer & Internet related works. All learners & customers are satisfied with my working skills.

From 2017

Professionally, I have been working in freelancing & local marketplace as a Web Developer and SEO Specialist. I also work Data Entry & Web Research in freelancing marketplace.


My Working Skills







Search Engine Optimization (SEO)




Every person has some achievement or success in life. Apart from my school life, there were other hobbies along with sports as well. Such as paintings, fishing, travel, reading books, computer games etc. For that, I have some achievements in life. I mentioned a few of them below.

Art Competition

First Prize

I achieved the 1st place of Ekushey Art Competition (1988) at Natore district organized by Bangladesh Student Union, Natore.

Cock Fight


I won the first prize of 'Cock Fight' in 1988 the annual sport's competition at Monisha Bhaban KG School, Natore.


Best Player

I achieved the best player (Junior) of the tournament in 1989, organized by District Sports Association, Natore.

Essay Competition

Second Prize

I achieved the 2nd Prize of 'Essay Competition' in 1992 the Annual Milad Mahfil at Govt. Boy's High School, Natore

Book Reading

Significant achieve

I achieved a Certificate of Book reading activities (1994) from World Literature Center, Natore, Bangladesh.



I achieved the Training Certificate of Handball from District Sports Association, Natore, Bangladesh in 1994

Long Jump

Runner Up

I achieved the 2nd Prize of Long Jump in 1995 the Annual Sports organized by Govt. Boy's High School, Natore, Bangladesh



I achieved the First place of YoYo championship in the year of 1995 organized by YoYo authority at Tenis Club, Natore, Bangladesh.

Cycle Race

Significant Achievement

I successfully achieved credit by taking part in Natore Municipality, Bangladesh's Great Independence and National Day Bike Race Competition-2002.

Computer Course


I successfully completed the 'Certificate in Computer Application' course from the Computer Training Center of Social Service Department, Natore, Bangladesh.

My Latest Works

Personal Portfolio Website Image

Web Design & Development

Portfolio Website

HTML5, CSS3, MDBootstrap, Custom CSS/JS, PHP,
Frontend Development, Wordpress

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Web Design & Development

Simple Blog Site

HTML5, CSS3, MDBootstrap, Custom CSS/JS, PHP,
Backend Development, Wordpress

View Website

Web Design & Development

Study, Knowledge, Information & Blog site

Divi Theme, Wordpress

View Website

Web Design & Development

Farm Website Site

Divi Theme, Wordpress

View Website

Some samples of my practice design


My main goal is to provide quality work and so I decided to stay close to my decision.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I Can Do For You ........

Full Website SEO
On Page SEO
Off Page SEO
Profitable Keyword Research
Link Bulding
Social Bookmarking
Guest/Forum Posting
Blog Commenting

Web Development

I Can Do For You ........

Front End Development
Bootstrap/Material Design Bootstrap (MDB)
Wordpress Customization
Wordpress Theme Development
PSD To HTML/Bootstrap/Wordpress
Bootstrap/MDB To Wordpress
Website Maintenance

Web Research & Data Entry

I Can Do For You ........

On line & Off line Writing
Data Collect & then input to other files
PDF to Word/Excel
Scan image to Word/Excel
Copy & Paste

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House # 0532-00, Ward # 04, Road # 05
Infront of Natore District Art Academy
Kanaikhali, Natore-6400
Rajshahi, Bangladesh.

+88 01757-253020
+88 xxxxx-xxxxxx
+88 01911-017440


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